Our story began to write when our first daughter was born.

Mia was an amazingly happy and sleeping baby, but…
Changes occurred when she was 6 months old.
She started to reject the stroller and was dissatisfied.
It was a few days before the departure of the holiday.
I started looking for help on the internet and I found a babywearing.
At that time the market was not as full as today.
So I decided to make some carrier for us…

Now it is 5 years after our first carrier was made.
We helped hundreds of parents and their children stay active even after their birth and we help build this indestructible bond between them.
After years of experience, time is moving forward and I feel that it’s the right time to change.
I worked hard to bring you my first collection of woven baby wraps.

Yarn isn’t everything that is wrap about.
All you need is a passion for what you do.
A lot of patience and a pinch of courage.

mom of three adorable kids