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The fabric

The combination of original design and the finest yarns creates a unique texture with the help of weaving, in which you and your child will feel very comfortable and luxurious at the same time.

We care about quality personally

Every single piece passes through the hands of one person from start to finish. In this way we can guarantee a truly precise design. Our cloth is transformed into beautiful and elaborate carriers.

Woven and sewn with love

We chose a factory in the neighboring Czech Republic for the production of our clothes because of its professional approach and long-term tradition of production. The cloth is further processed together with carriers under our own roof in Slovakia. Thus we have every single piece under the control and we can guarantee its quality. At this point we make them, check them with love, pack them and sell them to a courier from where they travel to you around the world.

Only a quality cloth will add a sense of luxury

It is not a substance as a substance. In order to be really good, it has retained its qualities for a long time; cloth, woven from organic cotton. It is a unique material that will become even more pleasant and softer by frequent use. Our scarves come to you fragrant, washed and ironed. This process is essential and completes the entire production cycle. So you can start using it immediately after unpacking. The same applies to our carriers.

Ethics is important to us

We obtain our materials exclusively from ethical producers who respect the environment and work with nature and not against it. Employees of our suppliers receive adequate wages and are treated humanely and with respect.